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Legal Information | Code of Conduct

At FUEL & more Consult GmbH, we are committed to fulfilling our legal and ethical obligations. On the pages Impressum and Compliance, you can find detailed information about the legal aspects of our company and our Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct outlines the principles and guidelines that govern our business practices and behavior. It reflects our dedication to integrity, transparency, and accountability. This Code is designed to ensure that all employees and partners act in accordance with our values and standards, fostering a culture of respect, fairness, and compliance. The importance of having a Code of Conduct has been emphasized by the European Union, which has encouraged companies to adopt such codes to promote responsible business conduct. Since the introduction of various directives and regulations, businesses within the EU are required to establish clear ethical guidelines to prevent misconduct and promote sustainable and ethical business practices.


By adhering to these principles, FUEL & more not only complies with legal requirements but also demonstrates our commitment to creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

We believe that ethical conduct is essential for long-term success and trust with our stakeholders. Please visit the following pages for more information:

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